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Discovering and Releasing

The TRU Beauty

Of Healthy Skin

[/trx_title][vc_column_text]Welcome to PureSkin by TRU…

Thank you for visiting my website to learn about my comprehensive services, exceptional products and my overall philosophy and commitment to providing customized services to help you discover your TRU Beauty.

As I went through the journey to become a licensed esthetician I came to realize that my many years as a personal connoisseur of top end products and services would play a large factor on my approach to delivering a high quality esthetician service model.

I’ve discovered throughout my own journey the following are absolute key values essential to deliver high standards that will drive satisfaction that exceed client expectations.

  • This is a journey therefore building a relationship of trust that is informative, supportive and consistent is essential to success.
  • Information, education and a consistent skincare regime are the key to maintaining healthy and youthful skin tone and texture.
  • Each client’s skin is different… and is constantly changing, what is good and works for one may not be the right treatment or product for another. Therefore, treatments are customized and comprehensive to each person I see.
  • Depth and breadth of product options are key to managing each individual’s specific skin condition throughout the transition process to healthier skin.
  • Experience, skill, and demonstrated results are key components when choosing an esthetician that is right for you and your skin. Therefore it is key that I continue to discover and incorporate new products and services within the industry, creating additional opportunities to meet your individual needs.
  • Creating an environment of complete relaxation, where the client is immersed in the pleasure of the senses and they depart feeling refreshed and reenergized.

When establishing PureSkins key values I’ve incorporated and will continue to evolve these standards to ensure each and every client feels their individual skin care journey delivers or exceeds the results they expect.

I believe every client can have beautiful skin, and lasting TRU beauty comes from within.

Looking forward to the Journey,

Terri R. Ulrich

Licensed Esthetician/Owner

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